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Your anti-counterfeiting influence of false cigarettes can be poor, plus the edge in the font features hair Cheap Carton of Newport 100s deposit and spots left by simply Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Cheap printing.

3. Comparison in the miniature making process for the back in the small field: the effect in the real cigarette smoking miniature anti-counterfeit making pattern gifts the traits of crystal clear primary along with secondary, high-definition and exact overprint; False smoke employing photography as well as scanning process imitation, font along with pattern deformation improves, no impression of principal and second, miniature font along with pattern can be USA Cigarettes Wholesale rough, the issue is confused.

4. Comparison involving packaging video sealing technique of small field bottom smoking: the true smoke switches into vacuum regular temperature, underhand, high rate hot technological innovation, good plugging degree, high openness of overlapping parts with out obvious bubble; Fake smoke personally sealing, overlapping perhaps the sealing amount is inadequate, low openness, hot plugging bubble additional and sloping.

5. Comparability of lower tobacco composition and fineness: your cut cigarette smoking of true tobacco can be golden discolored (or red yellow), using uniform coloring and a lesser amount of smoke; Large of your cut tobacco in the fake cig is dark, containing additional tobacco stalk along with tobacco powdered ingredients, and your filling can be poor.


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